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Tainan's Weather

Tainan Weather


General Information

National Cheng Kung University located in Tainan City, Taiwan. Tainan is the southern part of Taiwan, R.O.C, which is closer to equator. The weather of Tainan is mostly sultry, which is hot and humid. However, it does not usually rain as much as Taipei.

The average temperature of Tainan during Summer is about 30 ~ 30.5°C, the sun radiation is stronger here, so normally people feel Tainan is hotter than other northern parts of Taiwan. Around April, winter is close to its end and the weather will getting warmer, for July and August, it would be the days when Tainan has the highest temperature.

Oddly, the winter in Tainan is not obvious and sometime you could not really distinguish it with the autumn. The average temperature of the winter in Tainan would be around 15- 20°C, its windy and soothing at the same time, heavy winter coat may seems to be not necessary in Tainan. However, by chance, you would have experience the “Cold Current” and there will be a drastic drop of temperature to 10C or below. So, one or two pieces of winter coats or jackets in your wardrobe might help you get through this situation.

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For Overseas Chinese Students from Hong Kong & Macao:

The weather here in Tainan is actually quite similar what you experienced in Hong Kong & Macao. So you’ll probably be fine here.


For Overseas Chinese Students from Malaysia:

Most of the Malaysian would have difficulties when it comes to the winter in Tainan, especially the drastic changes in temperature for a normal winter day. There is a big difference in temperature for daytime and evening, which is about 7-8°C, for instance, you would probably get wet by sweat at noon but shakes and chills like hell at night, that what is like.

Right now, you should probably thinking about purchase nice, comfy, and warm winter clothing like coats or jacket from Malaysia. However, we actually strong suggest you make the purchase here in Tainan, and when it is almost near winter. First, every individual has different resistance to cold environment, so you should probably buy winter clothing that suits you the best. Second, it would not be any cheaper (maybe more expensive) when you purchase in Malaysia and you shouldn’t make yourself anymore burden by overweighting you suitcase. Third, there are more options of winter clothing in Tainan. No matter what, you should get a winter clothing that in a good quality (recommended price range: NTD1, 000-2000) and most important, should be Wind proofing.

Besides, the atmosphere during winter would be dry and cold. The dryness sometimes makes your skin and you lips dry, itchy and maybe lesion to bleed. So take care of you, body lotion and lip balm are necessary and they do helps in the situation. Basically, all the daily essentials are available in Tainan unless it is a specific product.


For Overseas Chinese Students from Myanmar:

For your case, Tainan’s weather is similar to northern part of Myanmar (Myitkyina). However, Tainan has more distinct season, lesser day of raining season, and bigger temperature difference across the day (7 - 8°C). We recommend you just to bring 1 -2 jackets from home, thick and heavy winter clothes may not be necessary as you could have much more options to purchase in Tainan with higher CP value. (latest design, cheaper & etc. ). Sometimes, during winter, you would encounter the “Cold Current” & and the weather is changing drastically within a day. That’s why, a new resident like you may not feeling comfortable and not quite used to the changes here, so you might have to put a piece of lightweight jacket and a pairs pf sneakers in your bag pack to handle the situation. Besides, please prepare enough amount of medicine that you will need before you steps into the departure hall as most of the drugs in Taiwan are in different name so you could probably having a hard time to find you need. Second, Taiwan has a very strict order to prescriptive medicine, so you would need to visit a doctor before you get your prescription and so your medicine. The real deal is, on the first six months, overseas Chinese students are not qualified to participate in National Health Insurance, so the medical fee would be quite expensive. In addition, when you travel to Taiwan, we suggest that you could purchase some summer T- shirt and slippers in Thailand if you’ve bypass there.


For Overseas Chinese Students from Indonesia:

Indonesia is located at the equator and so only having raining and non-raining season, whereas Taiwan is a seasonal place. The summer in Tainan is similar to the weather of Indonesia. When it comes to spring and autumn seasons, the weather is windy and soothing, so prepare a lightweight jacket would do. For most Indonesian, the hardest experience is to get through the winter; especially there is a big temperature difference on a day and night( about 7 - 12°C). The coats and jackets that available in Indonesia might be too thin, that could only use for spring and autumn; for winter clothing, we recommend you to purchase in Tainan which is more cost- effective as well. The weather of Indonesia is very similar to weather of Malaysia, so for more information, we can always refer to section, For Overseas Chinese Students from Malaysia.


For Overseas Chinese Students from Thailand:

Summer time, the average temperature of Tainan is about 28- 35°C, as quite similar but not as stuffy as in Bangkok. The air quality is much better as the traffic here in Tainan is less crowded. Besides, you should well prepare for UV proofing like sunscreen lotion and jacket. Around June to August, there is a chance that Taiwan may encounter typhoon(s) attack, so please be aware and careful, stay at home(indoor) if necessary. For your outfits, we recommend you could purchase some suitable T shirts and pants from Thailand because it is much cheaper but you could always have a choice to purchase the latest designs in Taiwan if you’re financially affordable. Winter, actually quite similar to the weather in Chiang Rai, the temperature is quite big during day and night, so please always prepare a lightweight jacket to prevent getting cold. Sometime in the winter, you will encounter “ Cold Current” and the weather will get very cold, we suggest you could purchase one piece of winter clothing in Taiwan as it will be more suitable for the weather in Taiwan and it is cheaper for the same quality in Thailand. You should know, usually cost comes with quality, we suggest you could raise your budget in purchasing as winter clothing does not really out of fashion so long-lasting has become the most important factor. In addition, Taiwan is located at the earthquake zone, please be aware and do not panic when earthquake happens.  


For Overseas Chinese Students from Vietnam:

If you come from the northern part of Vietnam (e.g.: Ho Chi Minh), you might not feel comfortable with the weather of Taiwan. In winter, the average temperature is 15- 20°C lower than Ho Chi Minh’s, so jackets and coats that could keep you warm are necessary. For your information, it might seem cheaper to purchase lightweight jacket in Vietnam, yet, if you’re financially affordable, we suggest that you could make purchase in Taiwan as there is more options, quality is better, spare your luggage weight and it is more suitable for local weather in design and function. The price range is around 350,000.00VND to 700,000.00 VND.

If you come from the Hanoi or Highland area, the winter in Taiwan is similar to the local winter weather, so you could just bring over your winter clothing. In Summer, the weather is hot and stuffy as well (2 - 4°C) lower than Ho Chi Minh City and the average temperature is around 30°C. Usually, a casual outfit, sneakers and sport shoes are what the Taiwanese students would put on for a school day and PE class. Thus, you could prepare some new pair casual outfits in Vietnam (cheaper) before you come to Taiwan. By the way, you could consider bring over your high school traditional “ao dai” because there is always an “ Uniform Day” for each year one class, and it will be fun to participate in it. All daily essentials are available in Tainan, yet it might seem a little bit expensive compare to Vietnam due to currency rate.


For Overseas Chinese Students from South Africa:

Tainan weather is very similar to Johannesburg except for Tainan is much more humid and the UV radiation is stronger in Tainan. Therefore, a well UV-proofing like sunscreen and lightweight jacket are recommended to put on. The winter in Tainan is considered as cold and humid. For those who come from the inner part of South Africa may not be able to adapt in a short period of time. Although in temperature speaking, Tainan is much more higher than South Africa (never below 0°C), yet people always feel it is colder due to the high humidity here. We strongly suggest that you do not need to bring a lot of personal outfit from you home as you could buy all outfits that are suitable for Tainan weather here almost in a half price due to currency. We also recommend you could make purchase for high quality winter clothing during spring as there will be a spring seasonal sales and would be much cheaper.  

Furthermore, several typhoons happens around June to August in Tainan, this may be a new experience to us, please be aware and do not leave your home if necessary.

In addition, the society of Taiwanese are considered conservative compare to us, thus, it is necessary to be mindful in outfits and appearance due to respect.


For Overseas Chinese Students from South Korea:

Please be aware of the natural disasters like earthquake and typhoon, you shall have a basic knowledge regarding how to deal with them. The Summer of Tainan is quite similar to the summer of Seoul. Average temperature is around 30 - 35°C. Sometimes, the weather will become sultry, just like the raining season in Seoul, yet the sunlight radiation is much stronger in Tainan, so you must well prepare and protected from UV radiation to prevent sunburn. The average temperature of winter in Tainan is around 15°C, due to the windy and humid weather, you might feel just as like -5°C in South Korea. However, thick and heavy winter clothing might not be necessary because wind-proofing is much more important in this case. The expenditure in Taiwan in lesser so we suggest you could purchase your daily essentials here. By the way, we strongly suggest you can learn how to ride a bicycle before you come to Tainan, as bicycle and motorcycle are the two main vehicle uses in Tainan.