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Insurance of OCS

Overseas Chinese Students Medical Insurance 僑生傷病醫療保險


Overseas Community Affairs Council (R.O.C), Act of Overseas Chinese Students Medical Insurance (僑生傷病醫療保險法).

Assigned Insurance Company:

Cathay Life Insurance (2018- 2019)

Target Person:

New Direct Admission Overseas Chinese Students with Residence Duration less than 6 months

Insurance Fee:

According to OCAC Notice ( Self-Pay: NTD 545.00)

Available Medical Facility:

Any Medical Facility that co-operate and covered by National Health Insurance Taiwan.

Insurance Validity:

6 months

How it works?

Students who are under Overseas Chinese Students Medical Insurance would have to pay the medical bill in advanced. After the whole treatment is completed, students should have the Original Copy of Diagnostic Report 診斷證明書 and Receipt 收據正本 of every related medical bill to OMCSAD office to proceed with claiming procedure from the Assigned Insurance Company.



For those who are not eligible to participate in National Health Insurance would have to participate in Cathay Medical Insurance in their own expenses. All the terms are same as Overseas Chinese Students Medical Insurance until the students are qualified to participate in National Health Insurance.



National Health Insurance Taiwan 台灣全民健保


National Health Insurance Act


  1. Overseas Chinese with valid Student Status
  2. Obtaining Alien Residence Certificate and stay in Taiwan for 6 full months after
  3. With not more than once Exit from Taiwan and not more than 30days
  4. Students with Poverty Certificate are given 50% subsidization of Self-Pay Insurance Fee

Applicants Categories:

I.       NTNU Graduates:

Registered freshman would be transfer-in to Registration Account under NCKU by OMCSAD.


II.     Direct Admission from overseas:

Applicants who ended Overseas Chinese Students Medical Insurance fulfilled all the qualification, OMCSAD will directly apply for participation through the National Health Insurance Agency. The National Health Insurance IC card will be passing forward to New-Applicants once it is ready.


III.  Overseas Chinese Students with National ID

  1. Transfer-in to the Registered Household Registration

  2. Transfer-in to NCKU registration if parents are not in Taiwan or without Household Registration.

Loss of Damage IC card:

  1. Head to National Health Insurance Department Southern District Business Group (Address: No. 96, Gongyuan Road, West Central District, Tainan City, 700    Tel: 06 224 5678)

  2. Complete Application Form for IC card Replacement

  3. Photocopy of ARC (front & back)

  4. Processing Fee: NTD 200.00

  5. Retrieving on the spot

Transfer-out of National Health Insurance

Students who are under graduation/ suspension/ withdrawal/ expulsion, OMCSAD would carry out the Transfer-Out procedure. Students would have to participate in National Health Insurance by they own or employer if they are not leaving Taiwan.

For school resumption students, please submit the stamped Student ID photocopy to OMCSAD after registration to apply for Transfer-In.